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DEPOE x RASTERMS "Symmetrical Nebula" zine

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128 pages of original line drawings by RasTerms and Depoe exploring the relationships between line, value, shape, texture and form. Space is redefined through enlargements and reductions of notebook studies on lined paper and various sketchbooks from the artists' archives. These sketches serve as an important part of these two artists collaborative ouvere. Whether working on a wall mural or a painting in the studio, drawing remains an essential part of the process that brings their ideas to life. Limited to 73 copies, this edition includes original drawings on stickers in ink, acrylic or oil paints. Special guest appearances throughout the manuscript by Egg Yolk FUKQ, Net 156, EYEZ, Sad Cloud PTV, Grow PTV, Alone OD, Noxer DOD, Dash FC, and Cost KRT.